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The British school of English “British Bridge” is proud to cooperate and is the regional partner of world-famous organization EF Education First! Thanks to this partnership British Bridge students have a great opportunity to see and learn a lot of new things about the country where this language is spoken.



In February 2007 the first group, learning English, started working in the British school of English “British Bridge”. In the same year BB British Bridge took its first group of teenagers on an educational trip to Britain. Today the British school of English has turned into a big company with many departments. The main aim of the British school is to open the fascinating world of English to children and adults, to make their acquaintance with English unforgettable. BB British Bridge invites you to become the part of the community of our students, friends and partners of the British school, and plunge into the bright and rich life of British Bridge. The life where You and Your child, a little one or a teenager, could get a perfect studying of the language, improve your English, make new friends, acquire an international experience of communication visiting Great Britain and the USA with British Bridge.

The British school of English always welcomes those who want to try, live and feel the real British English.

Start moving towards your brilliant future now. Are you ready? Then it’s high time you got to know the character, style and the latest events in the life of British Bridge.


No days off? Wow!

What do you think you can do during a rainy day? There’re thousands of answers! But the answer for a British Bridge student is to learn English. It’s not a secret that if you visit us on Saturday or Sunday that even in the evening you’ll find a lively atmosphere. You can hear cheerful English speech in every class. This is the real energy of British Bridge!



The specialists of British Bridge claim that the only way to learn English is to make it a part of your life.

BB really becomes the part of its students’ lives, and they really feel as one big and friendly family. Comfortable and modern atmosphere of the British school of English, professional staff, real life communication in English – all this not only makes the learning process most effective and absorbing but also helps to be ahead in studying the language.


The smallest student

Two years and 8 months old! Is it possible? The professionals of British Bridge claim that the earlier the children start learning English, the easier it is for them to adopt it. Early start in learning English is fundamental to success.!

The British scientists confirm that an early start of learning a language is highly important if you want to succeed in future! Three-year-olds learn English at a fascinating speed. And the earlier your child begins studying English, the faster and easier the process of learning is going to be, because the inclination to rational and creative thinking develops in childhood. The British school of English “British Bridge” takes into account all the academic traditions and the latest trends in teaching both adults and children.


Our students

For British Bridge students there are no barriers. A dance? A song? A video project? British Bridge breaks not only language barriers but social and psychological barriers as well. What is a British Bridge student like? Curious, hard-working, creative, cheerful, responsible, loving English, very ambitious and can’t do without fun.



British Bridge has the staff devoted to its profession, having the great experience of working with international groups in Great Britain and using all its acquired knowledge and abilities here in Russia. British Bridge tries to help its students to make their dreams come true. Each of them dreams about a trip to Great Britain. The educational trip, as a rule, takes place in summer, but we are already preparing for it now. It’s the choosing of the destination, of the language course and many other things. There isn’t such a place in Britain which hasn’t been visited by British Bridge students. Oxford, Brighton, London, Edinburgh, Somerset. Dauntsey, Bath, Canterbury, Bristol and a great amount of traditional small provincial towns and villages. The British school of English just absorbed the culture and the real spirit of Britain.


Conquering the USA

The British school in the USA? Well, why not? Craving for travelling is the oldest human desire. The English went donw in history as the great explorers. And if we talk about a trip to America? Everyone knows about the internal links between Britain and America. Everyone is aware of its struggle for the first place between these two countries, especially in the sphere of English learning. So summer trips to America have become the real adventure for the British school. British Bridge students like exploring the North California and dive into the hectic lifestyle of New York. So join us! Especially, if you’re as adventurous as we are.


Modern technologies

British Bridge invests much in modern technologies for the development of the most advanced educational programms. Every component of the programme is developed in such a way that our students can not only evolve but also master his language skills and use the language in everyday life. To optimize the process of education BB British Bridge uses hi-tech technology and interactive materials, this makes the educational process highly effective. You can watch the increasing self-confidence in your child, hear how well you child can speak English, get regular online reports on his achievements.

It’s impossible to cover all the information about British Bridge. We would like to convey its the spirit and energy. Let’s hope, we managed it. Open a new world for yourself, the world where studying English is enormous pleasure! It’s the world of language education of new generation!


International Exams at British Bridge!

The British School of English British Bridge is happy to announce the opening of the first and only authorised PTE test centre in Bryansk. Now you have got a unique opportunity to pass an international exam without leaving Bryansk, here at British Bridge School!
You can find out all the details in our official group vk.com/britishbridge, and calling 8 980 318 18 18.


ВВ contacts!

Listen to "Radio BIT", rubric "Modnye Fishki" at 11.00 и 16.00 on weekdays and find out more about BB British Bridge life!

Also you can learn about the lastest events in British Bridge life. Visit our official webpages "Vkontakte" -















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